What is Espresso Coffee?

what is espresso

“Espresso” is a term often given to label a type of coffee. It is a term which is universally used to describe  a type of coffee. The word “espresso” is an Italian word which literally translated to English means “express”. The definition of the English word means fast, without interruptions.

So what is espresso coffee? It is a process ! It is the way the coffee flavor is extracted from the ground coffee. It is a “process”, not the type of coffee. FAST ! That’s it. Fast coffee. Espresso coffee simply means fast coffee.

How can we make it faster? The traditionally established methods are the good old percolator pot or the drip pot allowing the boiled water to seep or drip through the coffee grinds. The faster way, the espresso way, is to force the water through the ground coffee. This is accomplished by containing the water in an enclosed vessel such as a tank or small sealed unit of any appropriate shape. Then the water is boiled until the pressure blows through a pre-calibrated pressure relief port through the ground coffee and into your cup.

That is not all there is to the extraction process. There are three factors that come together to create the perfect shot of espresso. They are the water pressure, the fineness of the coffee grinds and the compaction of the coffee grinds through which the water is forced. Without getting into the specifics of each factor, the variations of which are subject to dispute, the best end result should happen in about 17 to 21 seconds.

If you want to get the perfect espresso, then you may need the best coffee grinder for espresso.