How To Use An Espresso Machine To Make All Type Of Coffee

If you are using a commercial espresso machine, these machines must use steam in order to make any kind of coffee. They can make any hot drink you can think of. Lots of cafes use them.

This article will show you how to use an espresso machine. We will provide a step by step easy guide for you to follow. The instructions may vary depending on the type of espresso machine you use. Here is a basic guide you can follow.

Espresso Shots.

Before doing anything else, be sure to take off the portafilter off the group head.

Put some coffee beans into the portafilter. Tap the portafilter two times to make sure that the beans are packed well. Put the portafilter onto the group head. Make sure that you keep turning it until it is sitting tightly.

The hot water knob then needs to be switched on. Only do this for a couple of seconds. It only needs to be enough so that the water has started to warm up.

Once the water has warmed up, a little, turn the hot water knob on fully.

Leave it for about 30 to 35 seconds for the first shot to be poured or until the espresso starts to appear inconsistent and pale. Switch off the water supply.


If you want to make lattes, follow these steps.

Do the same as what you did for steps two to four, for the Espresso Shots.

Get some milk and then put the milk into a jug until it is about half way.

Place the jug under the steam wand and put the steam wand into the jug until the milk reaches 45 degrees. Keep the end of the wand a little off the centre.

Switch on the steamed water to the wand. When the milk starts to go around in circles in the jug that’s when you know you’ve enough steam. Don’t let the milk make a hissing sound.

Make sure that you steam the milk so that it is circling around the jug in a consistent whirlpool pattern. It should slowly go up one side of the jug.

You are now ready to start preparing your shot of espresso using steps 5 to 7 of espresso shots.

Once you know that the milk looks like house paint, you know it is time to stop the steaming.

For the milk to settle, tap the jug a little. Then put the milk into a cup on top of the espresso. This gives you a latte.


In order to make a cappuccino, do the same as you did in steps two to six in lattes.

Keep steaming the milk until you see it starting to look like foam.

Start pouring the espresso shot, using steps 5 to 7 of the espresso shot instructions.

Give the jug a little tap as the shot pours. You should be able to see air come to the top of the foam.

You know to stop the tapping when you can hear a hollow sound of the jug if you tap it with your finger on the bottom of the jug.

In a cup or mug, put the milk on top of the espresso. This creates your cappuccino.

Other Drinks and Uses.

The espresso machine also makes other drinks such as an Americano, hot chocolates, chia lattes, or other drinks you can think of.

For Americano drinks, simply use the instructions that you used for an espresso shot and put the espresso into a glass of hot water.

For hot chocolates, chai lattes and anything else, use steps two to six that you followed when you made a latte. Keep going until you see that the liquid is hot and foamy as you like it.


It is important to care and look after your machine if you want to keep it in good condition for a good long time.

Always be sure to clean the steam hands thoroughly after it has been used.

Take out all the beans from the portafilters and always give them a quick wash after use and before making a new drink.

Allow hot water to run from each group heads and steam from steam wands for a little while.