The Ultimate Coffee Nap

office coffee nap

Photo by star5112

You may have scratched your head and read the title twice before clicking it. Coffee and naps usually don’t mix, right? wrong. It turns out that in order to have the most effective power nap, all you need to do is drink a strong cup of coffee (triple espresso anyone?) and head over for a short and refreshing 15 minutes nap.

The caffeine will take more than 20 minutes to be absorbed in your system before it kicks in, and so would not disturb you in napping. Meanwhile, a 15 minutes nap is the optimal amount of sleep before you transition to deep sleep and would quickly revitalize you. Multiple studies showed the benefit of short daytime naps for memory recall, performance, and learning.

For our commuting readers – take note – research showed that the combination of coffee and a nap proved superior to any other method for sleepy drivers between monotonous early afternoon drives. Better than either nap or coffee alone, and definitely better than just “taking a break”. So drink that coffee, snuggle up, and get ready to drive back home.