The French Press For Tea – Grosche Madrid French Press Coffee Maker Review

French presses are frequently used to filter coffee, yet some can also serve as great french press for tea. The technology of filtering coffee and infusing tea are essentially the same. Let the hot water extract all the flavors and aromas and push down the filter by pressing the plunger to stop the extraction process. Yet when considering a good french press for tea people also consider the esthetics of the pot.

A functional carafe may do the job but getting the design right also carries a lot of weight when making the right purchase.

The first thing apparent when looking a the French press made by Grosche Madrid is its unique design setting it apart from many of the top selling  coffee makers made by known brands as Bodum and SterlingPro.

Although the Grosche Madrid pot can also be used for coffee, this product is a great french press for tea. This unique design makes this french press a perfect gift idea for a tea connoisseur that enjoys infusing his choice of tea leaves and herbs.

The carafe holds a standard volume of 34 ounces (enough for 4 mugs or 8 cups).  The chrome construction deliver a solid and durable product while maintaining a beautiful design that will look great on any table top.

The mesh filters on the plunger lid serve as a dual filtration system. This dual filtration ensures that no stray coffee grounds or tea leaves will seep through to your cup.

All parts, including the heat resistant borosilicate glass carafe and chrome handle and lid are dishwasher safe.

Pros: Unique design, dual filtering system, suitable for coffee and tea
Cons: Pricier than simple coffee makers

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