5 Things You Must Know when Selecting the Best Coffee Grinders

So you’re set on grinding your coffee and wondering how to select a good coffee grinder. Before you do this, here are 5 things you must know about how to select the best coffee grinder for you to achieve that perfect blend of coffee.

#1 What Type of Coffee Grinder?

The first thing you must know is that there are basically 3 types of coffee grinders – the burr coffee grinder, the hand grinder and the blade grinder. Both the burr grinder and blade grinder are electric powered.

These 3 types of coffee grinders produce different kinds of grind which ultimately affect the taste and quality of the coffee. So if you’re wondering what the main differences are between these coffee grinders, just head over here to this page to find out and we will explain exactly what the types of grinders are for.

#2 What kind of brew?

Before you start to grind your coffee, the next thing you must know is how are you going to brew your ground coffee beans? Generally speaking, different brewing methods require different grind sizes.

For instance, if you want to go for a coarse grind size then you want to look at French Press or Espresso brewing method. If you’re looking at a medium grind then the corresponding brewing method would be a drip coffee machine with flat bottom filters. As a general rule of thumb, the more you grind your coffee beans and the finer the grind, the more extract will be produced during the brew which leads to more bitter coffee. We have written a guide here on the coffee grind size and the kind of brew that it requires, so check it out to learn more!

#3 Avoid grinders that produce more “fine” grinds

Because of the cellular structure of roasted coffee beans, some coffee grinders produce “fines” during the grind which is the equivalent of sawdust when cutting wood. Unless this sawdust is cleared, they will brew alongside with the perfectly ground coffee beans and end up ruining the flavor. This is because “fines”, like sawdust, tend to over-extract, giving the coffee too strong and aroma with an extremely bitter taste – which is not what you want. The main culprit of such “fine” grinds is usually the blade grinder, so be very careful when selecting such coffee grinders – usually, burr grinders are a better option, although more expensive and are a better investment.

#4 Good grinders typically have sharp cutting edges, are milled and have smoother flat surfaces

When choosing your coffee grinder it’s important to ensure that the grinders have sharp cutting edges, are milled (which means they come from the same piece of metal) and have smooth flat surfaces. Poor quality grinders are welded together (as in distinct pieces being held together), have dull cutting edges or have a rough texture to the surfaces that will rub against the coffee. The reason for this is that more “sawdust” is produced from poor quality grinders, giving rise to coffee brews that are too strong and bitter. As far as possible, choose coffee grinders that can produce quality grinds without too much “fine” grinds being created as a result of the mill. We’ve featured some of those great coffee grinders that are excellent in what they do best, so do give them a good look!

#5 Design

Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or not, the design of the coffee grinder should look aesthetically pleasing to the eye and have a design that you like. This is important because a coffee grinder that looks great tends to produce coffee that you’ll love to drink – and consequently tastes better. There are many types of coffee grinders out there with different material constructions, and the ones that we’ve featured here are made of different exotic types of wood such as walnut, rosewood or mahogany which gives that extra attractive look to the coffee mill. From the modern looking coffee grinder to the old vintage coffee grind, both kinds of coffee grinders will provide you with an exceptional experience of creating your own coffee blend.

If you’re ready to learn more about the best coffee grinder or the techniques of coffee grinding head over to this page here!