Pod Coffee Machines- Buying Guide for you

You wake up in the morning. You have a million things to do today, but before you do anything, you need that cup of coffee. You start up your coffee machine, but it seems like forever until your coffee is ready. You should be starting on the million other things you have to do but instead you spend your time waiting for your morning cup of brew. The solution? You need a new coffee machine – a coffee pod machine to be exact. With a coffee pod, you no longer have to wait 10 minutes for your morning coffee. Instead, you can brew up a great tasting coffee in a matter of seconds!

What is a coffee pod machine?

A coffee pod machine is a type of single use coffee maker. The pods placed in them are small, pre-packaged bags of ground coffee that allow for instantaneous brewing. Coffee pods come in a variety of different flavors, roasts, blends, and quantities. What flavors can you enjoy with a coffee pod? Unlike many other coffee makers, coffee pods allow you to enjoy a variety of different tastes. From dark roast coffee, to pecan pie, and crème brulee, coffee pods have a flavor available for every taste bud.

How do coffee pods work?

A coffee pod, looking similar to a small teabag, is used along with your coffee pot. To use one is easy. Simply fill the coffee maker with water, place the coffee pod in it’s correct spot, and hit the ‘on’ button. Wait about thirty second and voila! A perfect cup of coffee every time.

What about clean up?

With a coffee pod, cleanup couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is discard the pod! Most pod machines are also dishwasher safe, although it is unlikely that you will need to wash them very often.

How much do coffee pods cost?

On average, you should be able to purchase a package of 72 coffee pods for about $20. While this is more expensive than the average coffee, it is well worth it in the end. Remember, you are paying more for an easy to clean up, quick, great tasting cup of coffee.

What do you need to consider when purchasing your coffee pod machine?

Aside from the flavor of your pods, you will also need to consider several other things when purchasing a coffee pod machine. First of all, you will need to consider the number of cups that you want brewed at once. You will also need to consider the size of the water compartment (which will determine the quantity of coffee you can make), the warm up time of the machine, the amount of pressure achieved, and the warranty available with the machine.

If you want the perfect cup of coffee, brewed in a matter of seconds, you will want to purchase a coffee pod machine. Coffee pod machines allow you to select from a variety different tastes, while at the same time allowing you make a quick, mess free cup of coffee! Search for a coffee pod machine and get your morning schedule back on track!

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