OXO On Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Intelligent Dosing Scale review

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Whether you like strong or weak, espresso or drip, French Press or pour over, the OXO Conical Burr Coffee Grinder locks into a wide range of settings from fine for espresso to coarse for French pree coffee, helping you get the grounds you need to make your perfect cup. With this new OXO grinder, the coffee comes out exactly as it should, and with the built-in scale, you will get a perfectly sized cup every time. The conical coffee grinder does match up to the changing taste buds of coffee enthusiasts and has impressed the coffee lovers with its performance, price and accessibility.

Main features of The Oxo on conical burr coffee grinder with intelligent dosing scale

  • Built-in scale

The grinder has an intelligent scale built into its base. The ability to grind by the exact weight or by the number of coffee cups is just absolutely overwhelming. The integrated scale showcases the desired number of grams which will be then matched by the grinder.

  • Intuitive LED interface

Use One-touch dial to switch between Cups Mode, Grams Mode or Manual Mode. In Cups Mode, you grind based on the number of cups of coffee you would like to brew and measurements can be fine-turned to make a stronger or weaker brew to suit your preferences. You can also customize your brew by grinding by weight.  In either Cups or Grams Mode, the internal scale will measure the output as you grind and automatically shut off once you’ve reached your desired amount. In Manual Mode, the internal scale is disabled and you can grind directly into a portafilter or other container.

  • Conical burr grinder

Durable, hardened stainless steel 40mm conical burrs protect flavor by creating a precise, uniform grind and minimizing heat for optimal brewing Durable.

  • Motor and loudness

The grinder’s high torque/low-speed DC motor helps keep beans from overheating while grinding, creates a consistent and uniform grind for optimal flavor extraction and generates minimal static to reduce mess.

  • Thoughtful touches

The hopper’s UV-blocking tint keeps harmful uv rays away from delicate coffee beans, keeping them fresh longer. The hopper holds 16 ounces of coffee beans, grinding cup accommodates enough ground coffee to brew 12 cups. To ensure mess free grinding, hopper features a ” trap door” to hold beans in when it’s removed, grinding cup features a narrow top opening for less mess and easy dispensing and the motor generates minimal static. A no-bean detector won’t let you grind if the hopper is empty, and built-in overheating prevention protects the life of the motor.

  • Grind select feature

The OXO conical coffee grinder is an all in one dosing and grinding solution for several brew methods from fine for espresso to coarse for French Press.

How to use it properly

This is the new OXO model, maybe it looks like difficult to use, but it’s smart enough to make everything simple and make coffee in your way.

  1. Fill the hopper with beans and you only have to fill it once in a while.
  2. Hit the button to turn the machine on. You pick your grind setting from a range from 1-15 that starts with espresso( fine) to drip to french press (coarse)
  3. Then, you turn the knob to set the number of cups(1-12). There is a scale which determines the cup quantity by weight, and you can easily adjust the strength of your coffee to your preference.

Finally, hit the button again to get it started, and it goes right to work. The entire process takes seconds once you get in the groove. You can also easily adjust the strength of your coffee to your preference.   

Advantages and Disadvantages of the OXO conical coffee grinder

Advantages of OXO conical coffee grinder:

  • Great style and It will take up a little space on your counter
  • Consistent grind : both in grounds and in amount with fast speed at all grind setting
  • Multiple options: The fantastic Barista brain coffee grinder assists its users to select their own preferred method of dosing and grinding.
  • Weighting lets no waiting: The fantastic built-in weighing scale simplifies the can-be difficult grinding process.
  • Cleaning made easy: The silver tray is removable and has a locking valve provided for changing out the beans making the cleaning process more easy. The upper burr is easily removable which is provided for low-maintenance cleaning.
  • Relatively quiet
  • Large capacity

Disadvantages of OXO conical coffee grinder:

  • Putting too much pressure: The portafilter has to be pressurized a lot. If you chose a non-pressurized portafilter then you shouldn’t expect a fine grind of your precious coffee. This is however a great companion for the machines which has a pressurized option.
  • Plastic container suffers the usual static cling of plastic. After several grinds the static diminished greatly.
  • Requiring cleaning regularly.

Bottom line

It’s considered an improvement without even buying a new coffee grinder.  The crafting of the machine is close to perfection but you cannot expect to just learn using the machine as soon as you lay your hands on it. But your patience will pay you back here.