Need The Best Burr Coffee Grinder? Read This

Are you looking for the best burr coffee grinder for your coffee? Then you should read this before buying.

Stores are filled with generic coffee grinders. They’re usually very inexpensive, and you can purchase one for $50 or less. What makes all of these products the same is the fact that they use blades to grind your coffee beans.

The blades are almost always centered beneath the beans, and the whole process is very similar to how a blender works. Although it’s certainly possible for a blender to accomplish nearly the same goal as a coffee grinder, it would likely be a huge and irritating mess.

There is an alternative to your typical grinder, and it’s called a burr grinder. It’s a product that looks much different than a coffee grinder and also functions in a much different way.

The main reason why burr grinders are preferred over the alternatives is because they give you much greater control over the type of coffee you want.

How It Works

A typical burr grinder has a moving wheel that works in conjunction with blades. However, not all models operate in the same manner. The wheel places a lot of tension on the beans, which makes the grinding process much easier.

Most burr models have an adjustable wheel, which gives the user greater control over the finished product. The wheel can also be set in high or low positions, and this enables you to decide how fine you want your coffee beans to be ground.

A typical model has a holding receptacle or bottom cup that the ground product falls into. It can also ground more beans at a time when compared with alternative products.

Your typical coffee grinder is capable of holding roughly four ounces of product, which is about 113 grams. A burr grinder can hold roughly double this amount. There are some models made for commercial use, which can hold far more product.

What Are Burrs?


It’s best to think of burrs as rings; they fit around or between your coffee blade wheels. Some models come with two sets, which involve one burr moving while the other is stationary. A lot of consumers prefer conical burr grinders, but these products are usually more expensive.

With cone-like edges on the burrs, these models produce a much more consistent finished product. They also eliminate any risk of burning the coffee beans because they grind much slower than other models.

One of the greatest advantages of owning and using a burr model over the cheaper alternatives is the fact that the burr reduces heat produced by the grinding process.

The blades in cheap models can actually get hot enough to burn the beans. People who really love their coffee hate inconsistent grinds because it produces coffee that doesn’t taste as good, which is usually very bitter.

When given the choice, most people will choose a conical grinder over all other options, such as a flat burr grinder. However, a conical model can be A LOT more expensive. A flat burr might cost anywhere from $40 to $80 while a conical grinder can cost $100 to $200.

Avoiding Burnt Beans

There is a reason why blade coffee grinders are less expensive than burr models. The blades can generate a significant amount of heat, which can burn the beans, but they’re usually pretty quiet.

The heat damages the beans because it re-roasts them slightly. Since burr models produce less friction, they’re much less likely to burn your beans, and they also retain the aroma and oils of the beans. The finished product is coffee that tastes delicious.

Does Size Matter?

Don’t worry – we’re referring to coffee beans here. When crushing coffee beans, size is VERY important. If you want a GREAT cup of coffee, then you’d better pay attention to size.

It’s important for the bean flavors to be released in an even fashion. Finer grounds will reduce essential oils. You want the grounds to be consistently shaped because that is what produces the best-tasting coffee.

The Difference between Wheel and Conical Grinders

A typical conical model spins slower and makes sure natural bean flavor is kept intact. It’s quieter and less messy than a wheel burr. When compared with a wheel burr model, conical is the best.

A wheel burr model makes a lot of noise because its wheels move much faster. It can also get clogged and can be quite messy. However, it’s also cheaper than the conical version.

Most people will choose this type of product because it’s built to last for many years, and it provides unmatched features. It should have a digital timer and gives you ultimate control over your grounds.

If you don’t already own this product, then you could be missing out on some of the best-tasting coffee that you’ve ever had in your life.

So now you might want to see what’s the best burr coffee grinder for your coffee.