7 Must Read Coffee Blogs

I love reading about coffee and all related to it, almost as much as I love drinking coffee. I’d like to think that you could get almost all of your coffee info here, but I have to say that there are some really great coffee blogs out there. They give us a look into the world of professional baristas and coffee roasters, give us the latest news from the coffee world and a whole lot more. Maybe, that’s things you also want to know about.

So today, I put together a list of 7 must-read coffee blogs, it included blogs that I read on a daily basis and others that I had stumbled across but were worth sharing. I had no idea how popular the post would get, it’s still one of the most read pages on the site.

I Need Coffee

Still one of the best-named coffee blogs. Plus, loads of useful coffee information from a number of different voices.

Coffee Lover

Dot shares here love of all things coffee (and sometimes tea too).

Dear Coffee, I Love You

I just stumbled across this blog this week, but I already know that it’s a coffee blog that I’m going to have to check out daily. This site’s posts are always down to earth, but in depth and very informative. 🙂 Fun, informative and always appealing to the eye.

Coffee Detective

Have all your coffee questions answered here.

Melbourne Coffee Review

Warning this blog will make you want to take a trip to Australia to check out the coffee scene there.

Pure Coffee Blog

This is a blog that I’ve been reading for years, regular updates feature coffee and coffee shop reviews.

Is your favorite coffee blog missing? Please, share it in the comments below and I’ll look into adding it to the list.