Mazzer Mini Espresso Grinder Review

Enter the Mazzer mini, which came out of the box with the perfect set point for espresso. Making espresso with this machine makes the coffee literally taste different. It grinds beautifully, and it can be used it for both expresso and Chemex-brewed coffee with great results. The doser on this is fiddly, but this is a minor inconvenience.

The Mazzer Mini Espresso Grinder is built for serious espresso drinkers and commercial grade espresso production. It is a professional grade coffee grinder that coffee baristas use – and the coffee grinder that most people eventually switch to from a Rocky grinder.

If you are serious about coffee or espresso, get this grinder. What makes this grinder stand out from the rest is that it is “stepless” – there are no hard and fast grind settings.

This means that you can dial in the exact grind level that you want, which is an absolute necessity if you are using a lever type espresso machine such as La Payoni. The good thing about this is that you might have to be prepared to tweak the grind setting occasionally.

As the beans age or the weather/humidity changes it affects how fine or course the grind must be to “time right” in your machine. This particular espresso machine comes with a “doser” and it is meant for dispensing ground coffee in to portafilters for espresso machines. As such the doser is not designed to be removed.

Here are some key specs to note:

  • The MM has Flat 58 mm grinding burrs, with dimensions: 6 1/4″ W x 13 1/4″ D x 16 1/2″ H
  • Stepless micro-metrical grind adjustment (as mentioned above) 
  • Dosing levels can be adjusted from 5.5 – 9 g
  • Motor output: 250 watts, 110 Volt (this is alot of power that you are going to get from this espresso grinder) 

The Mazzer Mini Espresso Grinder uses a timer with an auto-shutoff feature. The sound of the grinder in action is literally the sound of grinding perfection. When running (but not grinding) the motor emits a strong steady hum. During the grinding process there is no hint of bogging down the motor just grinds right through the beans even at the finest setting.

The Mazzer Mini is a beast of a machine and is built like a tank.

Furthermore, virtually every part of this machine can be purchased separately in case of breakage / damage (like the hopper, hopper lid, doser lid, crumb tray, burrs). A few enterprising people have modified this to make it doserless, essentially getting the convenience for home use of the doserless model for the price of this one. If you like tinkering, this machine might be the one for you.

One last point to consider: if you’re not roasting yet, you should seriously consider starting. Roasting is the single biggest thing that can improve your home coffee/espresso – more than profesional machines or high-end grinders. Of course, there are other things that help too, but if you are considering investing in the Mazzer Mini then this would be appropriate in the long run.

This is an expensive machine no doubt about it. But if you make a lot of espresso or are a “lever-head” this really is the grinder you want to go with.

Time for an espresso?

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