How to Make Iced Coffee At Home

It doesn’t matter if it’s Summer, Winter, or any other season, an iced coffee is always delicious. Just because a coffee is iced doesn’t mean that you’ve got to abandon the dark aspect — in reality — it really is time to embrace it. You can even get the good kick of an espresso (hello caffeine!), without the dry, bitter taste.

Like an everyday cup of coffee, iced coffee comes in tons of different varieties. If you’ve ever walked into a Starbucks, you already know that there are many different ways to make an iced coffee that nearly anyone can enjoy … except if you’re a tea drinker!

Iced coffee is a perfect drink when you are spending time with your friends and family. To enjoy the coolness of an iced coffee you don’t need to go outside your home to your favorite coffee house and stand in the crowd till you get your drink.

You can make your own cold or iced coffee right there in your kitchen with ingredients which are easily available and with the help of many iced coffee recipes that are also easily available in books, on television as well as on the Internet.

With common ingredients like instant coffee powder, sugar, chilled milk and ice cubes from your refrigerator as well as household appliances like your blender you can create that perfect iced coffee which tastes like heaven.

There isn’t any need at all to buy exotic ingredients to make exotic tasting coffee. Just give a twist to the regular ingredients and you will get a new interesting coffee which can even be your own brew. Use some flavored syrups instead of sugar and your coffee will get the additional taste without increasing the cost.

Use the same ingredients in a different way or method and you will see that there is a remarkable difference in taste. For example, if you used crushed ice instead of ice cubes, the coffee will get the creamy texture and the flavor of the coffee won’t be diluted too much.

There are many simple iced coffee recipes where using the same ingredients will give you a unique coffee. For example, using coffee beans instead of instant coffee powder will give you a deep, strong and distinct flavor to your iced coffee.

Using warm coffee with cold milk or cream will taste different than the cold coffee with chilled milk.  Steeping coffee for a long time in the cold water will give you a different taste altogether. Every region in the country makes iced coffees in a different way, and all these methods ensure that you have the best coffee which refreshes you with its cool taste and coldness.

If you follow the very simple steps below you can get an iced coffee which is sweet and cold, yet very strong.

  • Put a cup of ground coffee beans in cold water and let it steep for at least 8 hours.
  • Once it is done, strain the ground coffee through a strainer which is lined with paper towels. This will ensure that the dregs are not mixed with the strained liquid.
  • Keep that coffee in a pitcher and refrigerate it.
  • Once it is chilled, add some ice cubes and some syrup and milk to it and your iced coffee is ready.

Note: Incorporate different flavors into your cup of iced coffee. You can try different syrups, different amounts of coffee, or anything else that can change the flavor of your coffee. This isn’t a set rule, but a lot of people like their iced coffees differently so just experiment and find what you like in your iced coffee.

That’s it! It isn’t hard learning how to make iced coffees and soon you’ll be an expert Starbucks barista in your own home. I hope you enjoyed this article on how to make iced coffees!

Summer is the season of cool, refreshing drinks and enjoying the vacations. So you can’t go wrong with this recipe.