How To Clean Your Burr Coffee Grinder

To have a great cup of joe you always need a best coffee grinder but it seems not enough if you don’t know how to clean it properly.

Most of the complaints regarding coffee grinders come on the issue of its cleanliness.

You know, a dirty grinder negatively affects the flavor of your coffee.

Because of this, some will just end up throwing these coffee grinders and just buy a new burr coffee grinder  .

They then spend their money on new ones without realizing that they can still bring back the old coffee grinder into its top condition with just few steps.

But how much effort is needed to clean your coffee grinder? Not too much if you follow my simple guidelines !
This is one of the methods you can use in cleaning the burr coffee grinder.

First off, you need to prepare:

  • 1 cup white rice or Grindz (if you’re apprehensive about putting rice into your burr coffee grinder)
  • 1 stiff toothbrush
  • Other stiff bristled brush / paint brush
  • Clean damp cloth

Here is the step by step guidelines on how to clean your burr coffee grinder:

1.Put about 1/2 cup of white rice (or Grindz) into the grinder and cycle through at the finest setting ( With Grindz You should adjust your grinder to a medium setting when cleaning for best results).

2.Remove hopper, and use a brush to get any hard to reach areas, then you  wipe out the hopper with the clean damp cloth between each refill of coffee beans. It will help reduce the build up and the amount of times you need to remove to fully clean.

3.When it is time to clean the hopper, make sure you follow these steps :

3.1Turn off the power to make sure power is disconnected

3.2 At the end of service shut off the slide at the base of the hopper to stop any coffee beans spilling all over the place when you lift the hopper from the grinder and empty any remaining coffee beans into an appropriate airtight container or bag.

3.3 Remove coffee beans in the top of the grinder.

3.4 Vacuum out the remaining coffee beans

3.5 Wash the hopper using warm water and mild detergent to clean oils all surfaces and lid.

3.6 Once completely dry replace on to the burr grinder and refill with coffee beans open slide to allow beans to fall into the grinder.
3.7 Turn on the power again and test.

4.Then, remove any loose parts inside of the burr grinder and clean the exposed parts with the appropriate brushes.

5.Wipe any accessible areas with the clean damp cloth.

6.Reassemble the grinder and ensuring you wiped off any removed parts

7.Cycle the remaining 1/2 cup of white rice through the coffee grinder.

8.If the rice is still dirty looking, you must try another cycle of rice.

9.Finally, grind about one cup of coffee beans to remove the remaining rice from the inside of the grinder.
When it comes to quality control with your coffee beans, this is the low hanging fruit. It will prevent any unnecessary dirt and bacteria from building up in the burr coffee grinder.
You can see more here:

I hope with this little guide that you can bring your old coffee grinder back to your kitchen.