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The ultimate accessory of tea tasting is unquestionably the teapot. Round, flat, clay, glass, cast iron … there are all forms and for all tastes! We shed light on the various teapots to help you choose the one that suits you best. Enjoying afternoon tea is an art. Quality and water temperature, time of infusion, color and quality of the leaves, are parameters to be considered. The choice of tea plays a major role in the brewing and tasting your tea. Thus, the material of the teapot that will guide your choice at first.

The manufacturing material of a teapot is the key element that will determine the proper brewing tea and then taste. Different materials on the market.

The Clay teapot

When the clay teapot is unglazed it becomes a container that fully impregnates tea as you insert it. Very convenient when only consumes the same taste, this detail is a major drawback if you want to vary the flavors of your teas. Glazed, this model poses no concern about the alternation of different teas.

Yixing teapots, preferred by the Chinese

Yixing teapots are among the most famous in the world. It is no wonder since they are manufactured with a special purple clay that causes them to absorb the properties of tea for a long time, getting better with every use tea.
Have you heard of the Yixing teapots? They one of the most popular types of teapots that exist within China. But … what is the particularity of this type of teapots that makes them so special? First, it’s manufacturing. The Yixing teapots are produced by craftsmen in the city of the same name”Yixing”, located in the region of Jiangsu, which produce a special purple clay, which makes teapots that are one of the most distinguished in the world. This special type of clay known as Zisha allows Yixing teapots to have a great capacity to absorb the flavor of the tea, which is accumulated in successive preparations. If you intend on acquiring one do give this article a read. The teapots are small, usually for a single cup of tea. They are derived from primitive cups so have a similar shape to these. Also, they make are very similar to those vessels that are manufactured in the area to contain the wine.

Porcelain teapot

The porcelain model appeared in China between 618 and 907 during the Tang Dynasty. Porcelain, known for its creation a great success in the field of tea with its sophisticated look. Moreover, it is a product that perfectly reproduces the flavors and colors of your infusions.

Porcelain teapots are one of the most popular tea accessories that exist in the world. Present in any good preparation of this noble drink, since the Chinese made them known in the Western world, they have always had their place in the tea.The porcelain teapots are one of the accessories refer to the most traditional tea that may exist and an inevitable point of departure if you want to build your own tea set.

Conceived in China a long time ago, then exported to the West via England and consolidated with the passing of the years, porcelain teapots are the clearest example of the tradition of tea. The English are tea specialists and for them, there is only one way to drink their tea and that’s with a porcelain teapot.Among the different types of teapots, porcelain teapot was the first success with this chic and refined given by porcelain. This teapot is mainly used when you want to brew a fragrant tea or green tea for example.

It is then a matter of taste, but the best specialists argue that the advantage of this porcelain is to accentuate the smell of tea while highlighting its aromas.

We must first know that even if the porcelain teapot is recommended for flavored teas, it may very well also infuse other styles and types of tea. Porcelain teapots are world heritage. While some may even think they are delicate and fragile, other may value the distinction they have, as distinct from any other teapots. Just you know that if you are a true fan of tea, you can not help but have one.
If you’re willing to buy or just browse around see various types of porcelain teapots HERE

The Cast iron teapot

In Japanese tradition, this material can retain heat water efficiently and sustainably than other models. The cast iron teapot is a good investment because it has an excellent shelf life.This model often glazed to prevent oxidation, is very robust and resistant to the vagaries of everyday hassle. Especially suitable for strong teas (full-bodied and spicy), this teapot is also a pledge of aesthetics because it has a boutique look. That is, in addition to a decorative object, a quality product. If you want to know more infomation on this teapot then READ THIS GUIDE!

The Glass teapot

The glass teapot is a model of teapot that is characterized by being without memory but its biggest advantage is that it is transparent and allows to see the color of tea and therefore consequently changes the infusion.The glass teapot is quite similar to the porcelain teapot since the two are not known for well keep heat in the long term.

Healthy and translucent material, the teapot made of glass offers a refined design. Openness enables the fusion of hot water and tea, and also offers the possibility to measure the infusion. Easy to maintain, this type of teapot does not preserve the taste of a particular tea, it is beneficial for users who regularly change their aromas. Its weakness lies in the thermal storage, it is wiser to use it for the infusion of white teas that do not require excessive heat. In addition, there are electric teapots that are handy in that department. This may not be ideal for the purists but first it’s damn convenient.

Undoubtedly, glass teapots are perhaps one of the most sophisticated known today. Just as there are a variety of materials, the delicacy of glass offers a different option, as far as tea accessories are concerned.
Built in glass, these teapots are suitable for use in the usual way, although some designs look like real quality ornaments to decorate your home. On the other hand, you find from all sources, and which are made longstanding and designs may vary substantially from each other, covering a spectrum from classicism to advanced design.

Buying a glass teapot is not as easy as you think because there are several criteria to be considered as the capacity should not exceed 60cl or else will have a bad influence on the quality of the infusion.The shape is also a selection criterion because it disputes particular type of tea which prefer to be infused in a teapot to senior shape and not very wide, but remember that the ball-shaped teapot also perfectly suitable for all types of tea.

Why pick a Glass teapot?

  • One of the main advantages Glass teapots offer are their transparency. If you enjoy seeing the infusion of tea you will please all your senses from the moment of drawing a glass teapot. You can see how the color will be staining the water with its warm hues.
  • They are ideal for use with tea flowers.
  • In addition, they are very hygienic because you can verify their cleanliness, given its transparency.
    However, they also have their drawbacks.

Weaknesses of a Glass teapot
Glass teapots are much more fragile than other materials. Your care will have to maximize both handling and use. Moreover, although reaching the same temperature as other materials they do not hold heat for a long time, so need to use a teapot cover or a teapot warmer if you want to preserve the temperature of your tea. Glass teapots with warmers are also a good option.

There is another type Teapot I also want to share with you today:

Electric teapot

Electric teapot is often associated as a teapot “unconventional” buying the best electric tea kettles is now a growing trend and is increasingly present in US homes.The main advantage of an electric teapot is time-saving as it prepares your tea rather quickly and keeps it warm.You can also program in advance a maximum temperature limit for your water, and then stop any infusion alone. And for the most modern teapots, you have a program ready in advance that you simply select depending on the type of tea and then your electric teapot handles everything.

In terms of design, the electric teapots are less innovative than standard teapots “Cast Iron“, but it is also much more modern, a perspective aesthetic, especially on the materials used.The electric teapot is associated more with devices arranged in a pretty modern kitchen and trend.The appearance of the electric teapot reflects a willingness of manufacturers to meet the demand ever-changing consumer of the precious beverage.

A wide range of electrical teapot can meet the expectations of the most demanding consumers. Electric teapots offers various advantages among which notably include the possibility of precisely regulate the water temperature.The presence of a thermostat on electric teapots can appreciate the tea without any loss of flavor. They are also provided for most of a warm positioning system that ensures the owner the opportunity to taste the delicious drink at any time of the day without having to reheat.

Electric teapots are designed specifically for large tea lovers who make a substantial consumption throughout the day and at a steady pace. However, it is by no means a type of devices for experts. The electric teapot is also a real opportunity for novices to learn about the art of tea, for whom the conventional preparation ritual could deter. The most interesting models on the market today are those brands Cuisinart and Breville .

Hope this guide was helpful !

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