Best Milk Frother 2017 – Reviews And buying Guide

What Are Milk Frothers? The growing popularity of Italian coffee drink variants such as Cappuccino and lattes, has led to the demand of the best milk frothers. They are kitchen appliances used in the domestic frothing of warm milk. This is a process that entails the aeration of milk through rapid agitation, so as to introduce as much air as possible into the milk. The result of this process is a foamy topping that feature on most coffee drinks. There are several different types of these appliances ranging from simple hand-pump brands, electric whisks, to brands that warm and froth the milk simultaneously.

Top 4 Best Milk Frother With Reviews 2017

Aerolatte Milk Frother

Some of its features…

The Aerolatte Milk Frother is a handheld, steam free frother for milk. It works by a battery and turns any type of milk, whether hot or cold, into the perfect froth. There is no need to pump anything and you will definitely not need to connect it to any electricity. This is something that many people are after to help with creating the perfect cappuccinos, lattes and even milkshakes.

It is specifically designed for those who are constantly on the move and want to make their coffees and drinks something to remember. It is small, handheld and light, making it easy to carry around in a day bag or a purse. It works within 20 seconds and works with the glass so there is very little that you have to do.

The product is made of stainless steel, so there is nothing that will end up in your drink accidentally. The material also helps to make any type of milk – full fat or skimmed – into the perfect froth with thick foam that is perfect for drinks.

What are the consumers saying?

There are a number of excellent reviews about the Aerolatte Milk Frother and some of them come from celebrities. Nigella Lawson is just one who has been quoted to say that this is “one of her favorite toys” and that she “no longer drinks white coffee unfrothed”. This all comes from the Vogue magazine.

Many of the users of the product also enjoy it. This is one of the best milk frother on the market and is fully worth the price that you pay – even though the cost of it is a little more than others. Many users have praised the hard case that comes with the frother, which makes storing and carrying safe and easy.

This also works for other items too and not just milk. There are many users who have decided to buy it to help with frothing and thickening their sauces and to get rid of all the lumps and bumps from them. It is much easier than buying a whisk and cheaper than buying a blender. It will also work with smoothies and fruit juices if you want some froth to them.

However, there are some negative reviews. One of those is due to the motor, which some users have found that it weakens over time. This is something worth looking into, especially for those who are going to use the Aerolatte Milk Frother on a regular basis. Of course, it is always worth checking the batteries first.

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Bonjour Milk Frothers

There are a variety of Bonjour Milk Frothers available, whether you are looking for a mini one for your travels or you want a traditional, standing one. Each of them come in at different prices and are beneficial for different things.

Different Bonjour Milk Frothers available:

The first is the Rechargeable Bonjour Primo Latte Frother, which is perfect for those who like to entertain from home. Everything is done from an electrical base to be able to charge the product up and then the frother can be disconnected and taken into another room so people can froth their own milk. There is no need for any batteries and the base fits well on countertops. The problem with this is that it is not the product when it comes to travelling.

Mini frothers
are usually the best for travelling, and Bonjour have plenty of them. They come in a variety of different colors and are reasonably priced. The mini frothers are all handheld and use no steam at all. Just one push of a button will have the whisk going, which means that they are perfect for hot and cold drinks. They can also work for sauces and even egg whites, if that is something that you are more interested in.

If the mini ones are too small, there are other handheld Bonjour Milk Frothers that are perfect for travelling. Just like the mini options, they work on batteries and whisk the milk into a foam that is perfect for any type of drink – whether you are after hot chocolate, coffees or even milkshakes. These frothers are also perfect for other drinks and meals, including making scrambled eggs, omelets and even cocktails. There are a number of different options when it comes to these handheld products, so there is bound to be something perfect for you.

The final option is to go for the Froth Maximus, which is a frother that is designed for elegance. It sits on the counter top and will create just a few scoops of milk into froth, which is perfect for coffees and hot chocolates. This only works on those products that are designed for hot milk and will not work with sauces or for cold drinks.

In Conclusion…

There are plenty of different options when it comes to the Bonjour Milk Frother, so there is bound to be something just right for you. There are counter top ones for those who entertain at home and mini ones, which are perfect for traveling.

IKEA Milk Frother

Some of its features…

The IKEA Milk Frother is one of the cheapest products out on the market, but is it the best? It works in a similar way to many other hand held milk frothers – battery powered and works with the glass. It is something that works with both hot and cold milk, so it is possible to work with milkshakes and just milk, as well as coffees and hot chocolate.

There is absolutely no steam involved and it is just the electric motion of the whisk. There is very little that you need to do and within 20 seconds, the milk will be at the perfect froth for your special drink.
The outer of the product and the whisk is made from stainless steel, so there is nothing that will get into the drink that you are frothing. It also makes it extremely easy to clean, with some just warm soapy water and a sponge.

The product does not come with the batteries required, but then for the price of the product that is not a problem. The IKEA Milk Frother is just 20 cm in length, which makes it the perfect item for travelling. There are travel cases available, which are perfect when it comes to storage and just putting it in a purse or briefcase. This is definitely for those who travel a lot.

The frother works by just a click of a button, which makes the design extremely simple. There are some excellent reviews about it but at the same time, there are negative ones too. The main great thing is that it works just as it says. However, it also stops working relatively quickly. Of course, this is often seen to be a downside of the low price.

Are there any issues encountered with the IKEA Milk Frother?

The main problem is that it is small and does not have all the power that is needed. Of course, this does depend on how often you want to use it and how frothy you like your milk. Everybody is different, which is why some people find this the perfect and cheapest option.

What are the customers saying?

There are many people who will not recommend the IKEA Milk Frother because it does not do the job that they need – they are more willing to pay more for a different product. This is a personal choice and it may be something that you want to buy if you are after something quick and cheap to froth your milk.

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Breville BMF600XL Milk Café Milk Frother

What is it?

The Breville BMF600XL Milk Frother is the perfect way for people to create that delicious frothed milk for their coffee or tea. It is quite simple to use, just about anyone will get the hang of it. The milk will become hot very quickly which is perfect for those who do not have tons of time to wait for the milk to become warm.

What are some of its features?

The Breville BMF600XL Milk Frother comes with the two frothing discs – one smooth that can be used for cappuccinos and lattes. Both attachments are safe to use inside of the dishwasher.  It weighs only about 3.6 pounds and is lightweight which makes it perfect for travel too! Most importantly, the frother uses induction heating, you can simply place the jug in the dishwasher, so it is easy to clean both inside and outside.

What are the consumers saying?

Consumers have mixed reviews about this product.
Some of the consumers seem to have a hard time getting it to work. In fact, one consumer says that the product does work great, if you can actually figure out how to get it to operate. Some consumers claim that the machine will beep three times and then shuts off and does not work. The company has offered to replace the electric frother with a different one for those customers who seem to be having some mechanical issues.

While there are a few negative reviews, the positive reviews obviously outweigh the negative. Consumers are saying that the frother is easy to use and claim that different types of milk will work differently in the frother. Some types of milk will frother better than others. One consumer suggests using skim milk with the forther for best results. Most of all, consumers say that this product is easy to use and easy to clean when they are all done using it. The majority of these consumers would recommend the product to their friends and family.

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Different Types Of Milk Frothers

Hand-held Frothers

Many coffee lovers choose milk frothers based on their budgets. They are affordable alternatives to cappuccino makers and other such machines. These appliances feature steam-operated frothers that use hot air to create the characteristic foamy topping. Cappuccino makers produce a hissing noise synonymous with coffee bars. A cheaper alternative to cappuccino makers are handheld models. These types are cheap, but require a bit of effort to operate. They have a plunger attached to a screen of fine mesh and these types are operated manually.

For the hand-pump frother, warming the milk to be frothed before is essential. Thus, milk is first heated and then frothed using the hand-pump frother, which is a hand held appliance. The end of the frother is dipped in a cup of milk for frothing. This goes for motorized whisks. However, the same procedure does not apply for electric models, which use batteries and electric cables to operate.

Motorized Whisks

Motorized whisks are better alternatives to the hand-pump type. These types feature a propeller attached to one end. When the propeller is turned on the attachment turns the milk, creating the foamy topping that is synonymous with high-end Italian coffee brands such as lattes.

One of the main drawbacks of these types is that they can easily damage the inside of a porcelain cup. Motorized whisks also cost more than hand-pump frothers.

Additionally, these are easier to use and can be used to produce more batches of coffee. However, care should be exercised when using these types due to the mentioned effect on the inside of delicate porcelain cups. The propeller can scratch or even chip the inside of a porcelain cup, if not handled with care. This can pose a great danger of swallowing a sharp-edged chip of porcelain.

The Electric Milk Frother

A better alternative to the cappuccino maker is the electric frother. As the name suggests, this kind uses electricity in the creation of milk foam. It is faster and more efficient than the hand-pump type. Some are able to froth and warm milk simultaneously.

Additionally, they are small and highly portable. These are the main types available in the market today. As with all kitchen appliances, purchase depends on a buyer’s financial abilities and frequency of use. For avid cappuccino or coffee drinkers, the electric frother is a better model compared to the other variants. It is small and portable and it has a two-in-one function, which makes it very popular.

Electric frothers resemble small food processors and can accommodate milk of varying quantities. The quantity of milk that an electric frother can accommodate will be indicated on the box. Electric frothers have heating features too, thus there is no requirement to pre-warm the milk to be frothed. Once put inside, it is activated for the frothing process to begin. Upon completion of the frothing and forming of the desired foam, the electric frother will turn off automatically. This is one of the many benefits of using electric frothers instead of hand-pump or motorized whisk frothers.

In conclusion, electric frothers are the best types of frothers available to coffee lovers on the market today.

Why You Should Purchase the Best Milk Frother Variant

Before the introduction of the milk frothing machine, cappuccino and latte lovers had to pay for their daily morning dose of coffee. These machines have eased the financial burden of purchasing coffee on a daily basis by a great margin.

With this machine, there is no need to spend on coffee drinks. The machines offer a wide variety of coffee drink recipes for consumers to choose from. In addition, consumers can decide to get creative with their coffee drinks, which better their morning experience.

Using these appliances, it is possible to make various coffee drinks at any time. Without such a machine, one is restricted by the working hours of coffee bars. This is another benefit of having the best milk frother at one’s disposal. Top brands feature simultaneous milk frothing and warming capabilities, which help save on time. This is another reason why owning this machine is a good idea. There is no limit to the number of recipes that users can come up with, unlike in coffee bars, where one is restricted to the recipes available in a specific bar.

The best milk frothers are fast and easy to use and are able to produce the desired foamy topping within a matter of seconds. This saves on time, especially for persons who have to take coffee before work. Several brands also have a cold or warm milk feature. This feature allows users to produce foam either on warm or cold milk depending on their preferences. This is another reason, why purchasing one of these appliances is the best way of enjoying Italy’s fine coffee drinks without having to spend too much money purchasing lattes from coffee shops.

Best Features For A Milk Frothing Machine

These appliances feature a number of beneficial specifications, such as the easy to use one-button operation feature. Using the button, users are able to transits from cold, warm or hot milk. The user manual that accompanies the frother will guide a user on the various modes that can be selected and also on the proper use of these appliances.

The frother is one of the easiest kitchen appliances to clean. This is because of a special magnetic drive. The drive allows the frother’s pitcher to be immersed in water and then rinsed. Thus, there are no dirt concerns with the best milk frothers as a result of this magnetic feature which makes cleaning effortless.

Portability is one of the essential characteristics. For the appliance to serve its purpose, it has to be small and easy to hold. This is a characteristic that features in all the top brands.

The small size allows for easy storage and use. Additionally, the small size of the frothing machine allows for easy carrying from one place to another. For instance, it is easy to transport the machine from one’s place of residence to their place of work and back. Milk frothing machines are therefore portable coffee drink makers.

Durability is another key characteristic of a good frothing machine. The compact nature of frothing machines means that the machines can be stored with all their accessories. The attachment and supply cable can fit perfectly in the base of a frothing machine. This allows for the convenient storage of a frothing machine, which is essential in its usage and transportation. This is another reason why purchasing the best frothing machine is paramount. Not all frothing machines feature such beneficial aspects and only the best do. Thus, purchasing anything short of the best, will cause a lot of inconveniences.

Milk before being frothed normally feels heavy. This discourages many from drinking it that is yet to be frothed. With the best milk frother, consumers of this beverage are able to transform the heavy milk into lightweight foam. Once it is in the latter state, it becomes easier to consume. Additionally, milk in this form can be used in a wider variety of recipes than when it is in its conventional form. This is another key reason why purchasing a frothing machine is highly recommended for any coffee lover.

Choosing The Best Milk Frothing Machine

When choosing a frothing machine, it is important to consider the specifications of the machine. The key specifications include, a control button, frothing disc, and cable.

It is important to also consider the amount of time taken by a frothing machine in preparing coffee drinks. Most electric frothers take about ten to twenty seconds.

The design of the machine will also influence a consumer’s decision. In addition to the design, most consumers also consider the cost of the machine they are purchasing. Different frothing machines cost differently, thus shopping around for the best priced machines is highly recommended.

Purchasing a frothing machine for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. Especially since there are many brands available. These frothers vary in price, functionality and other key aspects. For coffee frothing newbies, cheap hand-pump models might seem ideal. However, for coffee addicts more is required in a frothing machine.

Thus, a consumer’s decision to purchase a frothing machine will be influenced by their budget and how often they intend to be using the machine. Regular coffee drinkers require electric frothers due to their fast frothing process, while for individuals who are not regular coffee drinkers, a hand-pump frother can be ideal.

There are several aspects that are key in the selection of the best milk frother. First among these aspects is ease of cleaning the frother. A good frother has to be easy to clean to save on time. The second characteristic of a good frother is that the ability to heat the milk to a consumer’s desired temperature. Different people have differing preferences when it comes to taking their coffee. In regards to this, a consumer should pick a frother that is able to give them their desired coffee warmth.

Regular or daily usage of frothing machines can lead to wear and tear. Thus durability is another essential characteristic. The material it is made of will dictate its durability. In this regard, frothers made from stainless steel are more durable than those made from other materials. This is because stainless steel is impervious to rusting and other such destructive processes. Light Aluminum is another material used in manufacturing. It’s critical to check the material used before selecting on one brand of frother. Another critical factor to consider is the frothing speed.

Different frothers have varying frothing speeds. This is the speed a frother takes to produce the foamy topping on the coffee. A manual plunger frother takes more time since manual effort is required to operate it. Additionally, temperature control and regulation feature may be unavailable in these types of frothers. Thus a pump frother is ideal for producing a single cup of coffee. For fast production of coffee variants, the electric frother is recommended. This frother does not require manual effort as it uses electricity in its operation. However, the electric frother costs more in comparison to the manual plunger frother, which is expected.

Most people purchase kitchen appliances based on a budget and frothers are no exception. Thus, consumers have to shop in accordance with their budgets. Different frother brands cost differently. There are frothers that cost as low as twenty dollars, while others cost as much as one hundred dollars.

For people with the financial ability to purchase expensive frothers, electric frothers are the best. This is because with manual frothers, one has to heat the milk first before frothing while with electric frothers heating can be done together with frothing. This makes it easier to use electric frothers than using manual frothers.


I hope the above buying guide will help you to choose the best milk frother for your coffee.

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