Best Handheld Coffee Grinder for Your Coffee 2017

Using the best handheld coffee grinder is a very convenient solution while you are on the go.

Hand grinders for coffee braying seem reliable than their electronic counterparts, owing to the simpler mechanism and the user-friendly features. And the best hand grinder can definitely provide more uniform and consistent grind compared to some of the cheapest electric grinders.

There are many manufacturers offering a great variety of hand coffee grinders. But which is the best handheld coffee grinder at this moment?

If you go through my guidelines, you would find that these grinding machines are some of the best value-for-money kitchen appliances that make your choices a lot easier and a lot more comfortable!

Top 5 handheld coffee grinders with reviews

Whether you are a fan of hand grinding or not, if you are a coffee addict, you would probably love to check out these five amazing hand coffee grinders that can make coffee grinding all the more enjoyable.

Porlex JP-30 Coffee Grinder (Stainless Steel)

One of my favorite items.

Solid material and consistent grind are two main reasons why we loved this hand grinder.

In design, it has a sleek and compact design that makes it ideal for traveling.

The made-in-Japan coffee grinder comes with ceramic conical burr which does not rust over time. Porlex has replaced stainless steel with ceramic in the burr section makes coffee making much smoother. You can easily remove the stainless steel made a handle from the shaft for storing when not in use.

Whether you are a big fan of French press (coarse grind) or espresso (fine grind), you can always get the right size of grind from the Porlex JP-30.

You will love the uniform and precise grind as much as the lightweight nature of the coffee grinder.

It also can be easy to use and clean up after grinding coffee.

The aluminum basin at the bottom is a brilliant addition since it prevents the beans from spilling. The grinder weighs just 1.4 pounds, which is great for home users who want added convenience while grinding coffee on the go.

However, as some users have pointed out, the coffee grinder takes a little too long to grind coffee.

All in all, the manual grinder is a nice value-for-money product which you can buy for your kitchen without spending too much.

What I love

  • Elegant stainless steel body
  • Consistent grinding (get the desired size of grind)
  • Zero static build-up
  • Handle has the perfect weight/length balance
  • Good grinding appliance for drip coffee beans
  • Easy to clean

What I don’t love

  • The hopper is a little difficult to hold
  • The opening of the hopper is quite small
  • The handle is a little flimsy and it may wear off within a very short time

The Porlex JP-30 is one of the sturdiest handheld coffee grinders at this moment. The zero-static stainless steel grinder can be a wise purchase if you are looking to get the long duration of handheld coffee grinding.

This will be a great grinder you can bring with you everywhere for a long time.

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Hario Coffee Mill Manual Grinder (Mini)

The Hario small and slim manual grinder can help you grind and make coffee at home with little effort on your part.

Hario, essentially a glass company, has also carved a niche for itself in coffee products manufacturing market. The Mini Coffee Mill is a perfect example of Hario’s artistry and superior craftsmanship.

If you are looking to buy a lightweight and compact handheld coffee grinder, look no further than the Hario Mini Mill hand coffee grinder.

The Hario coffee grinder comes with a lidded hopper, removable coffee bin, and easy adjustment features.

The grinder can hold more or less 24 grams of ground beans, which means you can easily grind and make coffee for two people at a go. The big handle of the grinder enables you to grind coffee as fast and smooth as you can imagine. The small yet fully functional manual grinder has ceramic burrs.

Whether you want a V60 brew or you prefer French press, the Hario Mini Mill can demonstrate superb consistency every time you grind. This hand grinder is fully adjustable, quick and is considered ideal for V60 brewing.

Due to its simplistic design, the grinder can be easily assembled, and all the parts of this coffee grinder can be taken apart. Therefore, you can easily clean the model without damaging any part.

The plastic body of the hand grinder, coupled with the compact design, makes it perfect for travelers who need to carry grinders and other essentials in their backpacks.  The grinder is also very space-saving, which makes it an ideal countertop piece.

The lid is snug tightly, while the receptacle sits tightly in its place. You can get a smooth grind every time you use the Hario grinder.

If you are fine with spending some time in grinding just to get fresh coffee, this cheap and fully functional manual grinder is the thing you should choose.

Moreover, the grinder does not have that plastic smell, which is quite common in many other plastic grinders from other manufacturers.

What we love

  • Sturdy and lightweight hand grinder perfect for backpackers
  • Handle pops on and pops off effortlessly when not in use
  • Ceramic burr cuts the coffee beans, but does not mesh
  • Full disassembling is possible, making cleaning all the more hassle-free

What we don’t love

  • The knob on the grinder handles end is not very ergonomically designed
  • Occasional grinding inconsistency
  • Instructions in English are poorly written
  • Plastic construction

There’s a reason why the Hario Coffee Mill Mini Grinder could make it to our list of top handheld coffee grinders. It’s dirt cheap and offers a great value for money. If you are the type of coffee maker who likes the aroma of fresh coffee but you are on a tight budget, this can surely delight you.

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Hario Ceramic Skerton Coffee Mill

The Hario Ceramic Skerton is perfect for the home coffee brewer who makes large amounts of coffee every day.

The handheld coffee grinder has a capacity of holding 30 grams to 70 grams of coffee.

The model is not very travel-friendly, as the glass container is prone to damages during travel, but it is certainly an ideal choice for a fairly large family that prides itself on being true coffee geeks.

The Hario Ceramic Skerton is a highly durable, versatile and functional hand coffee grinder which arguably is the most popular grinder at this moment.

With this coffee grinder at your home or office, you get complete control over the grind size. Grinding coffee beans in the morning or evening can become a sheer pleasure with this coffee grinder by your side.

The ceramic burrs of the grinder ensure precise grind. The silicon bean at the top does not let the beans tip out. It is all in all an adjustable coffee grinder that can make manual brewing as enjoyable as possible.

The dishwashing-safe grinder is made of glass, unlike its cousin, the Hario Mini. Only a few buyers on Amazon have rated it negatively and the huge popularity of the Hario coffee grinder is particularly attributable to the overall design and make, the features and the unparalleled grind consistency.

Some users have expressed blatantly that they like the slim and sleek design of the product, whereas some other users have particularly disliked the coarse grinding performance of the coffee grinder.

What we love

  • Grinds easily and is fully adjustable
  • Consistency in fine grinding
  • Grinds very fast
  • Large grinder enough to grind coffee for a whole family

What we don’t love

  • Grinding large amount of beans (enough for a little) takes too much time
  • Not very suitable for coarse grinding

The Hario Skerton manual grinder is a perfect alternative to electric grinders, though it’s considerably slower than any of those high-end electric grinders. The grinder is certainly not for the weak-armed. However, due to its grind consistency and versatility, it easily makes it to the list.

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JavaPresse Coffee Company Manual Coffee Grinder

The JavaPresse Coffee Company manual grinder is known for its consistent grinds and its adjustable control handed over to the user.

It will offer you complete control on your grind and with no heat involved and a mechanic free grinding, the coffee powder produced maintains the original taste of the coffee.

The coffee bean of the whole size can be adjusted properly. You just need to turn the knob of the grinder clockwise or anticlockwise to get the perfect grind size.

The Javapresse manual grinder is a best hand coffee grinder that is suited for French press brewing and superfine espresso.

The best part of the Javapresse burr coffee grinder is its compact size and design. It will eat up a small space inside your backpack, can be carried to anywhere you go and can be snugly fit into an AeroPress.

There’s also a window at the base so that you can easily see how much coffee you have actually ground. The grinder is made of stainless steel, which is a highly durable material in itself.

The rust-free ceramic burr is another brilliant addition to this near perfect coffee grinder.

The long and ergonomic handle is another great user-friendly feature of this coffee grinder. You can disassemble the parts quite easily, hence cleaning becomes a cakewalk.

The coffee grinder provides a consistent grind and you can get fresh coffee every time you grind beans with this grinder. Although some users did not like the spadework required for grinding beans, it’s quite common with hand grinders in general and nothing to complain about.

What we love

  • Perfect for campers and hitchhikers
  • High quality
  • Consistent grind
  • Easily adjustable
  • Easy to clean
  • Very quiet
  • Offers 100% money back guarantee

What we don’t love

  • Not suitable for weak-armed users
  • The handle may come off during using if you are not paying attention

This handheld grinder is ideal for anybody who makes two-three cups of coffee every day. It’s a perfect purchase for the price. Taking into consideration the shortcomings, it’s actually a nice little manual coffee grinder that can make grinding a pleasure.

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5 Benefits of Having A Handheld Coffee Grinder in Your Kitchen

If you can live with the time and effort involved then hand burr coffee grinders can be good choices to go with. You will be easy to find out the benefits of a hand coffee grinder:

  1. Handheld grinders are very portable. With its compact design, it’s very easy to carry with you for traveling and camping. But pay attention if it’s made from glass, for example as the glass container is prone to damages during travel.
  2. Handheld grinders are cheap. With its simple functions, that makes it cheaper than electric ones.
  3. Handheld grinders are very quiet. With this type of product, it doesn’t have a motor. And you must grind your coffee beans by your hands so loudness isn’t a problem for hand coffee grinders. This type of coffee grinder is also known as the best quiet coffee grinder.
  4. Handheld grinders are durable. With solid construction, it will last you a seriously long
  5. Using a hand grinder regular can be good for your healthy. I say that because your hearing can be affected by noise if you use a noisy electric grinder daily. So in this case, a handheld coffee grinder performs perfectly.

What You Should Keep in Mind Before Spending Your Money

Purpose: Individuals who loved their handheld coffee grinder did research prior to purchasing in order to find exactly what they were looking for. Understand that with hand coffee grinder, you will be spoiled for choice. There will be hundreds of options for you to choose from. The design, consistency, and material it is made out of will change per coffee grinder. So you must determine what match your needs will be.

Price: Understand that hand coffee grinder will be a tad bit cheaper than other electric coffee grinders on the market. While a hand coffee grinder may run you around $10 to $50, some electric coffee grinder is up to $400, $500, and even $1000. Prior to putting your money down, you must carefully read reviews left of the product on sites not sponsored by the manufacturers of the product to make a smart purchase.


If you are a true fan of fresh coffee and its aroma, you should choose fresh ground beans over pre-ground beans. When it comes to grinding coffee beans and then having it, hand coffee grinders have no match. Choose the best coffee grinder by reading reviews and staying up to date about the new products hitting the market.