Reviews of the Best Conical Burr Coffee Grinders – Read Before You Buy

Don’t think that all coffee grinders are created equal.  Of the different types, one thing most people agree on is that a best conical burr grinder outshines the rest.   They used to be priced out of reach of most home coffee aficionados, but recent price breaks have brought them well within reach of all coffee lovers.

Your perfect machine for household coffee grinding has lately been the conical burr grinder.  Prior to now, it had been difficult to get a good conical burr grinder cheaper than one hundred or even two hundred dollars.

But new cost declines have struck the eighty dollar level to get a top quality adaptable conical burr grinder.  Much the same as a  typical burr mill, the conical model offers 2 steel cylinders, one of them within the other one which crushes your coffee.

A larger grinding surface enables significantly better grind accuracy coupled with the form of the cones enables all the coffee grinds to drop completely through, reducing the amount of regular clearing required.

In the event that you need to produce some cappuccino or espresso in your own home, here is the grinding machine to suit your needs.

So to make the process simpler, take a moment to review our brief guide on conical burr coffee grinder.

Top 5 Conical Burr Coffee Grinders With Reviews

OXO On Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Intelligent Dosing Scale

best conical burr coffee grinderAre you finding a sleek, sturdy and modern Conical burr grinder?

Then this OXO Grinder is all you need!

As you can see, its look is very modern and quality.

Most coffee lovers know that the exact grind consistency can help deliver a great cup of joe.

And this grinder can do a good job for you.

Sounds interesting?

This grinder is equipped with the conical (with gear reduction) and durable stainless steel 40mm burrs that create wonderfully uniform grounds no matter settings. So it’s sure you will get your favorite coffee.

It also has an intelligent internal scale that precisely measures grind output by the exact weight or the number of coffee cups, so you can easily adjustable grind settings from coarse to fine.

If you need a full pot in a 12 cup drip machine for a large family then go with this OXO because it has a large capacity per grind.

Another good thing is you can easily use this grinder thanks to its simplicity.

Show people you can do this without any help from the manufacturer!

This grinder is very easy to open for access to internal components so you can repair or clean it easily.

The one thing I really don’t like this OXO is it makes a mess on the counter, that requires you more time and effort after each grinding.

The new OXO model is one of the most advanced coffee grinders currently available on Amazon.

While OXO is such a trusted brand and the support for this grinder will bring assurance for your decision.

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Breville BCG600SIL The Dose Control Pro Coffee Bean Grinder, Silver

best conical burr coffee grinderImagine starting your day with delicious cup of joe.

How well does it feel?

And that’s the idea behind this Conical burr coffee grinder.

Just look at its design. Nice looking, precise, compact and easily adjustable. It will make a bold statement in your kitchen.

It has stainless Steel conical burrs that tend to reduce grinding heat and protect the essential oils in the grounds.

With 60 precise grind settings, it can offer you all brewing method  from the finest Espresso to the coarsest French Press Grind

This grinder is equipped with Precision Electronic Timer which allows you to adjust grind time in 1-second increments and consistent dose every time.

It has 12oz coffee bean capacity with locking system, that’s perfect for anyone who wants a large and transferable hopper.

This grinder also offer a direct down chute it tend to minimizes electrostatic grind dust, that’s always what we need a good coffee grinder.

If you are looking for the quietness in an electric coffee grinder, then don’t miss this one.

In terms of the drawback, most of the user said that they didn’t like the hopper’s material – plastic.

And if you also don’t like this feature, maybe you shouldn’t use Breville BCG600SIL.

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Baratza Encore – Conical Burr Coffee Grinder (with Bin)

best conical burr coffee grinderAnother high-quality conical burr grinder,

It lives up to its name by providing amazing consistency grind and durability.

With 40 individual grind settings, from fine to coarse, it can please any taste with its gamut of accurate grind settings.

Unlike the two above, this unit doesn’t have any kind of dose control or weight features built-in, but it still performs very well as a high-end coffee grinder.

Baratza Encore offers the specially designed burrs give a precise grind with minimal fines make sure having extraction is flavorful and balanced when you make espresso.

There is a feature I also like in this unit that the built-in grinder basket doesn’t have a top.

The unit is very quiet that ensure you will be surprised when you use it for your coffee. It’s also easy to use and clean up.

There is only one thing I don’t like this that it’s not with a huge hopper full of beans so I’m always prepared to have a separate bean storage nearby.

All in all, it’s a best conical burr grinder with the price and I think you will like it as well.

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Capresso 560.01 Infinity Burr Grinder, Black

best conical burr coffee grinderLooking for an impressive conical burr grinder with affordable price?

Then you’ve found it!

This is the quietest electric grinder I’ve ever known and I’m sure you also will see that when you use it.

This grinder is equipped commercial grade solid conical steel burrs to make grind results are consistent every time, and there is almost no mess.

With 16 grind settings from fine to coarse, it grinds coffee beans very evenly for most kinds of coffee preparation so you can easily have your favorite cup of coffee.

Capresso Infinity makes it simple to freshly grind your beans every day with advanced cutting design for high precision grinding.

It also features built-in timer so you don’t need to scoop in what you need right before you grind.

With this product, you can save time cleaning up because the upper grinder lifts off for easy cleaning and it takes a few moments to do that.

There’s one more thing I want to say is don’t add this to your counter if you have a small counter  🙂

Overall, I highly recommend this high-performance grinder with very reasonable price for anyone who cares about the coffee quality.

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Porlex JP-30 Coffee Grinder (Stainless Steel)

best conical burr coffee grinderNow, this is also a best seller,

Unlike the all above, this is a hand coffee grinder with ceramic conical burrs which is the ideal material for manual grinders.

The unique product among these best conical burr coffee grinders that are made in Japan.

In design, it has a sleek and compact design with stainless steel, static free body.

This grinder is perfect if you want to bring it on the road with you while it has the handle comes off so you are able to store it alongside your grinder when you are not using it.

With the Porlex, you also have the ability to get a variable grind which is good if you want to brew using different methods.

How’s that for consistent?

I don’t think there are many hand options that can bring you this grind consistency like this one.

Another plus point is the Porlex can give you a full capacity ( Max capacity is 30 grams ).

And while some of the users have reported issues with too smooth steel, the overwhelming majority say it works like a champ. You can see here.

Finally, the durable design is right at the kitchen in any grinds.

A highly recommended product for you.

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Reason Why Many Other people Choose This product Type

Generally speaking, coffee grinders come in 3 designs: blade, flat burr, and conical burr.

With a cheap blade grinder, you will be sure to get a not good cup of coffee. The blade chops the coffee beans unevenly. So don’t waste your time unless you want to grind spices instead of coffee.

Conical and flat burrs both grind coffee the same way. And the “quality” seems to be roughly equivalent for the two classes. However, that is defined.

In the fact, the conical burr produces the most consistent and best results. And this is the main reason why almost of coffee geeks chooses conical burr for their coffee.

Flat burrs often retain more grounds than conical burrs, which could decrease the amount of coffee you go through. So if you’re grinding coffee beans for espresso, you need to consider how many grounds will stay in the burrs. And you should choose a conical burr grinder for that.

There is one more difference between them we should note. Flat burr seems to be more difficult to dial-in and require more adjustment. That means if you use your grinder every day, you’ll need to adjust it each day.

Overall, a conical burr grinder is the best choice for your coffee. So if you’re serious about coffee then go there.

Conical Burr Grinders Are The Cream Of The Crop

There are many different types of grinders on the market today: Blade grinders, roller grinders, regular flat burr grinders and others all compete for your coffee grinder purchase.

But the conical burr grinder stands out from this pack as providing the best possible and most consistently sized ground coffee.

The main difference between a standard burr grinder and a conical burr grinder is the shape of the grinding wheels.

Instead of two flat wheels that grind the coffee between them, there is a cone that rotates inside a cylinder which slowly crushes the coffee beans between them.

What To Look For In The Best Conical Burr Grinders?

The best burr coffee grinders have two metal rings inside, typically being constructed out of steel or other hard metal.  The ability to adjust the grinding size by moving the two grinding surfaces further apart is a must with any burr grinder, and most have this feature.  The ability to grind either a certain amount or to stop using a timer is another important trait to look for.

Important Things to Know First Before Spending Your Money

  • Grinding speed

One of the most important things to consider with your conical burr grinder is its grinding speed.

For many people, the slow grinding process always makes the coffee taste so much better.

You will want to make sure that the grinding process of the conical burr coffee grinder is slow enough for your coffee.

So what you are looking for is a coffee grinder with conical burrs that grinds slowly.

  • Read reviews

When you have found a coffee grinder type that you like, begin reading reviews.

By reading reviews on what past customers thought about the make and model that you are interested in carefully, you can save a lot of time and money in the long run.

The places you should check out our third-party websites, Amazon, forums or my website.

You can also consider asking a professional if that doesn’t help. They will be able to help you better determine what will work in your particular situation.


All these conical burr coffee grinders are the best options that I selected from a ton of products out there. So you can easily pick up the best one from.

I hope my short reviews above has provided you with some useful information so that you can easily choose a great conical burr grinder on your own.

If you still want more options, then I still have for you lots of other options here.