Best Commercial Espresso Machine Reviews 2017

Best Commercial Espresso Machine

Best Commercial Espresso Machine 2017

La Pavoni PPG-16 Professional 16-Cup Espresso Machine

There are people who view making espresso as a process, and others who view the brew as more of an art. If you fall into the latter category, the La Pavoni PPG-16 Professional 16-Cup Espresso Machine is for you. This espresso maker is made with commercial-grade components but puts the control of the brew entirely in your hands.

Modern espresso machines typically are designed to automate the process of forcing water through the ground and tamped espresso beans, with the goal of creating a consistent shot of espresso every time. The PPG-16 takes a different approach. The machine allows you to control the temperature of the water, a number of beans used in the head, the tamping level and, perhaps most importantly, the pressure applied when forcing the hot water through the ground beans.

When we say you control the pressure, we mean it. The key is a manual lever which looks for all the world like an antique coffee press. By manipulating the lever, you can force more or less water through the grounds to produce the nuanced flavors you prefer in the shot and crema. Just as importantly, by pulling back on the pressure an astute brewer can allow the grounds to soak momentarily, to develop the full-bodied flavor of a quality espresso shot. The PPG-16 is accessorized with a pressure gauge, so you can measure the applied pressure when trying different brewing approaches with particular espresso beans.

The specifications for the La Pavoni PPG-16 Espresso Machine are:

  • Manual piston pressure control
  • Pressure gauge for manual viewing
  • Brews 16 cups of espresso
  • 38 Ounce Solid Bras Boiler
  • Internal Thermostat
  • Dual systems for frothing
  • Makes espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes
  • Rosewood handles for feel and durability
  • DVD instructions for manual brewing
  • 16 x 4.5 x 12 inches
  • 1-year warranty
  • Made in Italy

There is one controversial aspect of this La Pavoni offering: the machine is built with brass components and rosewood handle highlights. We believe the machine is stunning, but the distinct appearance may not be a good aesthetic choice for all kitchens. If you have doubts in this regard, we offer an alternative La Pavoni machine at number four on this list.

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PASQUINI PALIVG4-AUTO Livia G4 Automatic with PID

When it comes to commercial-level espresso machines, the PASQUINI PALIVG4-AUTO Livia G4 Automatic with PID is hard to beat. As the name suggests, this machine comes to us from Italy and incorporates commercial-grade technology, parts, and materials. This quality is borne out by the fact the Pasquini Livia G4 Automatic is flexible enough to be used in the home, office or even restaurants. If you are looking for a machine that will make an espresso to die for both today and in 10 years, you’ve found it.

The Livia G4 contains all the features you would expect in a high-end machine such as temperature and heat control, but we want to emphasize one feature which demonstrates the quality of the device. This Pasquini machine uses a true heat exchanger for the brewing process, which means you can steam on demand. This instant steam is possible because the espresso water is flash-heated as it drawn from the water tank and through the piping in the boiler. With the Livia G4, producing espresso shot after espresso shot with no delay is not only possible, it is normal operating procedure.

An in-depth look at this machine:

  • 1400 watts 110 volts
  • Volumetric Programming
  • Dual heat exchange boiler
  • Auto Pid- Independently adjust the brew add steam temperature of your beverages
  • Commercial grade components
  • Lever operated steam and hot water
  • Can be used in commercial cafes
  • Stainless Steel construction for durability
  • Pressure relief valve for easier cleaning
  • 14 pounds
  • Made in Italy

The Pasquini Livia G4 is a newer version of the popular Livia 90. It Features an all-new exterior design and updated internal workings as well. This espresso machine is a true upgrade of the Livia 90 in every possible way and is a redesign in its truest form.

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La Pavoni Professional PBB-16 Espresso Machine Black Base

This La Pavoni Professional espresso machine is a step back from the first La Pavoni on our list of the best commercial-grade espresso machines on the market. The PBB-16 offers less brass and rosewood glitz, but essentially the same performance.

The PBB-16 is a machine for espresso aficionados. It employs a manual lever giving you total control over the flow of water through the espresso grounds. If you lift the lever, a piston in the device rises which allows the grounds to be infused with pressurized water into the filter. Lowering the lever causes the piston to force water through the grounds and into the cup. Many believe, rightly so, that the temperature and pressure of the water play key roles in producing a full-flavored espresso that makes all the difference in taste. The PBB-16 even incorporates an actual pressure gauge next to the lever, so you can monitor and test different pressures until you reach the optimal pressure for a particular espresso bean.

The specifications for the La Pavoni Professional PBB-16 Espresso Machine:

  • Manual Lever
  • 38-ounce boiler capacity
  • Makes 16 shots of espresso – 2-ounce cups
  • Piston pressure control
  • Water head speed variation control
  • Mounted pressure gauge
  • Solid brass boilers with nickel plating
  • 1,000 watts
  • Made in Italy

La Pavoni is universally considered one of the finest espresso machine companies in the world. One perfect cup of espresso from the PBB-16, and you will know the reputation is justly earned.

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Breville Dual Boiler BES920XL Espresso Machine

A popular staple on the market has been recently upgraded with new features in the Breville XL model, meaning the Dual Boiler now gives espresso lovers more control than ever over their perfect brew.

The double stainless boilers and advanced controllers in the BES920XL perform the two most important functions required for quality espresso: precise temperature regulation and pressure control. One boiler uses a state-of-the-art PID controller to maintain the ideal temperature for the shot, while the other boiler produces powerful steam in an instant. Just as crucial to the Breville XL’s commercial quality is the OPV (over pressure valve) which places limits extraction pressure to prevent bitterness, while also regulating pre-extraction pressure to ensure that grinds remain even. The process results in an amazing espresso, along with simultaneously and perfectly steamed milk.

The specifications for the Breville Dual Boiler BES920XL Espresso Machine:

  • 25 fluid ounce stainless steel frothing jug
  • 360-degree swivel-action steam wand
  • Variable brew temperature settings
  • Backlit LCD Interface
  • Shot clock
  • Espresso pressure gauge
  • Stainless steel housing & boilers
  • Dedicated steam and espresso boilers
  • Brew shots while frothing milk
  • Easy to operate steam lever
  • Top-fill water tank lid
  • 6 cup warming tray
  • Instant hot water

This machine is truly commercial-grade, but also user-friendly. You’re able to program and control the details of the pre-infusion process, brew temperature, and steam pressure; there’s also programmable auto-start, a pressure gauge and shot clock, and even a hot water outlet allowing you to preheat your cup if you’re in the mood for an Americano. New in the 920XL is a precision Razor dosing and extraction tool, and the ability to fully descale the machine at home.

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