Top 5 Best Coffee Grinder For French Press

If you want a coffee grinder which is ideal for French Press, you should know that today’s coffee grinder manufacturers offer great performance for affordable prices.

To help you find the right coffee grinders for French Press, I’ve created a practical buyer’s guide to make informed decisions. Besides, you can learn an array of useful facts about these specialized coffee grinder designs.

And here we go!

Best Coffee Grinders for French press With Reviews

Baratza Virtuoso – Conical Burr Coffee Grinder ( with bin)

Baratza Virtuoso is one of the best choices for your French Press.

It offers 40 different grind settings that grind fine enough for Turkish and espresso and coarse enough for drip and French press so you can easily switch between while brewing.

One of the things that you can be immediately noticeable is that the grind from the Virtuoso is very consistent for almost brewing methods.

If for some reason the grinder doesn’t work smoothly, the Baratza website will be right there for you, it features detailed instructions on how to recalibrate the grinder so that it can grind as fine as possible.

You also should consider the other features of Baratza Virtuoso which assists you with making a smart decision.

It has a metal casing that makes the Baratza Virtuoso look heavy and solid, that we usually expect from a good coffee grinder.

Thanks to its solid materials, you can enjoy the kind of stability that you’re looking for out of this grinder.

It’s easy to use even you’re new in brewing methods.

This grinder is easily removable to make sure you have an access to clean easily.

If you seeking for the high-quality burr coffee grinder for a variety of brewing techniques, especially French press, then go with it.

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Capresso 560.01 Infinity Burr Grinder, Black

If you’ve been searching for the best burr coffee grinder for French Press to add to your counter, you’re going to want to take a much closer look at this particular grinder.

This incredible coffee grinder brings you a lot of amazing features.

The grinder comes with 16 grind settings, 4 each for extra fine, fine, regular and coarse.

And it’s also going to offer you a consistent grind for all brewing methods from Turkish fine to coarse that you’d get for your favorite coffee.

With French Press, it needs to be coarse enough but not too coarse so that you can make a great French Press.

And that’s all Capresso Infinity can do the best for you.

It’s very quiet, easy to clean, and all parts are easily replaceable for services.

It also can be considered a durable grinder.

Another thing customers enjoyed was the excellent value of the product.
Must say this grinder perform out of expectations with a very reasonable price compared to other burr grinders.
This is one of the best french press grinders under 100 you’ll find out there.

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Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder, Black

Take a quick look at this bad boy.
With over 14 settings from coarse to fine, you can easily go from French press to Espresso. The grind is consistent for almost brewing techniques.

The one thing I like most about this grinder is it use borosilicate glass containers to receive the ground coffee that is inherently static-free, reducing the amount of overall static and “jumping” coffee grounds.

The Bistro is made from borosilicate glass, steel, plastic, rubber and silicone that makes it more valuable.

It also comes in black, orange, red, green, and white that makes you satisfied with your purchase.

With featuring an elegant, attractive design and small footprint it doesn’t take up too much space that makes it looks nice on your counter.

Moreover, it works fine – fast, fairly quiet and consistent grind for almost grinding settings, it also can be cleaned easily.

But it isn’t the coffee grinder for you if you want to make a full pot in a 12 cup drip machine daily because it has the small capacity per grind.
It can be considered perfect choice for French press, however, if you want a regular grind for drip coffee or a fine grind for espresso, it doesn’t do a really good job at that.

If you want an electric coffee grinder for French press that doesn’t hurt your bank, this is right up your alley.

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JavaPresse Coffee Company Manual Coffee Grinder

Especially, It works amazingly with the French press!
Must say, the attraction of Javapresse is in its exceptional performance and simple design.

It works smoothly without making any noise. It’s also very easy to use and clean.
With this product, you can easily grind fine or coarse that perfect for brewing with your French Press or any other Coffee Lovers brewer method.

In terms of design, this portable hand coffee grinder is very compact, modern and fits perfectly in hand.

Javapress has especially created this manual grinder for camping and traveling. But it’s only for few people with 1-2 cups of coffee.

This burr grinder is made from stainless steel, which makes it solid and durable.

One more thing makes it stand out of much French press grinder is its price.

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Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

Unlike those electric coffee grinders above, this is a manual coffee grinder. It made in Osaka, Japan.

Porlex manual grinder comes will lot of promises and eliminates the set philosophy of not electrical, not helpful.

It is one a best burr coffee grinder for French press brewing.

Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder is known for its consistent grinds and its adjustable control handed over to the user.

It will offer you complete control on your grind and with no heat involved and a mechanic free grinding, the coffee powder produced maintains the original taste of the coffee.

The coffee bean of the whole size can be adjusted properly. You just need to turn the knob of the grinder clockwise or anticlockwise to get the perfect grind size.

The grinder since has a manual function is compact in size and can easily adjust in your bag pack but the handle may come off during use if you are not paying attention.

Haters gonna hate the manual grinding but the truth is making coffee with your own hands brings the true taste out from the coffee.
If you have espresso on your mind or a French press and are willing to spare some time then Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder is the one for you.

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What Exactly Is Considered a Coffee Grinder For French Press

French press is one of the most popular methods of brewing coffee.

The aroma and flavor of a french press coffee are intense, and the French press method it is gaining more and more popularity.

Must say, its beauty comes from the simplicity — grind your coffee, pouring hot water over coffee grinds, and go.

We know it’s simple but there are difficult when it comes to “consistency” element.

Press pot coffee (french press) has a medium body, less than espresso but denser than drip coffee.

This means that French press needs to be only just coarse enough, not too coarse – the coffee can be underextracted (weak) and not too fine – the coffee can be over-extract, making your coffee bitter.

So you need a good burr grinder can do that perfectly. Which can be called a French press grinder.

5 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing A Best Coffee Grinder For French Press

Choosing a best burr coffee grinder for French press can be confusing, so today I will give you some information to do that.

1. Consistency

First of all, Grind consistency should be your priority as you search for the coffee grinder for french press.

You know, the grind is very important when it comes to making good coffee for French press, that requires your coffee beans of a coarser grind than does a drip brew coffee filter, even ground.
And on a lot of burr coffee grinders, this is the medium setting and above, for example, if you have 10 grind settings, from 1 (the finest) to 10 (the coarsest), French Press would be around 6 to 8.

Tip: You might want to know whether your grounds are too fine or too coarse. It can be easy to know, if the grounds are too fine, it will be hard for you to press the filter down. Opposite, if the grounds are too coarse, it will be easier to press it.

You also should consider the other features of French press grinders which assist you with making a smart purchase.

2. Loudness

The noise comes from burrs and motor. Burrs are loud as they grind coffee beans in between them and motor is loud because it rotates.

The speed of grinding affects the noise that coffee beans produce while being ground in between the burrs. Motors with low revolving speed tend to reduce noise problems.

In this case, manual coffee grinders do a really good job so it becomes the best choice for French press.

3. Static

Motors with low revolving speed tend to reduce the heat buildup and static problems as well as minimizing the noise of the grinder.

4. Cleaning

With many electric grinders, cleaning is a problem. It’s very important to keep the grind quality as well as to make sure the grinds don’t damage the interior of the grinder. It’s good to find the grinder that can be removable easily. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can extend the longevity of the grinder.

5. Price

The price is an important thing to consider when purchasing any product.

That definitely depends on what your needs are and how much you’re willing to pay for the grinder.

Of course, you’ll need to find a coffee grinder which fits your budget.


OK, have you finished reading yet?

So now you already know what the best coffee grinder for your french press is.

Hope you find this little buying guide of mine helpful.