Bean to Cup Coffee Machines for Home – What You Should Know

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines for Home

Are you looking for a great tasting cup of coffee? If so, you are probably looking for a bean to cup coffee machine. Bean to cup coffee machines, sometimes referred to as automatic coffee makers, use whole beans rather than ground coffee to create a delicious tasting, hot cup of coffee.

Why choose a bean to cup coffee machine?

The main reason that most people choose bean to cup coffee machines is because of the freshness of the flavour. When coffee beans are purchased ground, they interact with the air around them, causing them to lose much of their flavour and aroma within the first few minutes of being packaged. When you grind the beans before you make the coffee at home, the same thing happens. The longer the ground beans are left sitting, the more of the aroma and taste they will lose. With bean to cup coffee machines, this does not happen. With these machines, the beans are not ground until the coffee is almost ready to brew. This locks the taste in, allowing you to enjoy a great tasting cup of coffee every time.

How does a bean to cup coffee machine work?

It’s easy! Simply place the beans into the hopper and press a button! Once you do, the beans will pass through a grinder and into a brew station. And voila! A fresh cup of coffee to help you jumpstart your morning! Many bean to cup machines also come equip with a dial that allows you to adjust the strength of your coffee. Turn it up for a darker brew and down for a lighter one.

What about cleaning?

Cleaning your bean to cup coffee maker is simple as well. Most bean to cup machines come equip with an easy to remove spray nozzle and tray. After your coffee is brewed, the grounds will be deposited into a tray. Simply remove the tray, dump the excess deposit, and your finished!

When it comes to bean to cup coffee machines, there are three basic capacity machines to choose from, light volume, medium volume, and high volume. Light volume machines can serve anywhere between 30 and 80 cups of coffee per day, medium volume machines can serve between 100 and 200 cups each day, and high volume machines can serve over 250 cups per day.

The capacity that you choose should be based on how much coffee will be consumed each day. If you are purchasing a machine for home use, a light volume capacity machine should do the trick. For small offices, a medium volume machine is usually the best choice. Large workplaces may require a high volume machine.

Because of the superb taste that bean to cup coffee machines offer, they are becoming an increasingly popular choice for today’s coffee lover. Whether you are searching for a home-use or in-office coffee machine, these machines come in sizes large enough for any usage. Start searching for a bean to cup coffee machine today and enjoy a better tasting coffee.

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