5 Tips you Need to Know Before Grinding Your Beans

The most important one to get a perfect cup of coffee is freshness.The coffee flavor is in the coffee oils, and they will evaporate once the coffee beans are ground. If you want to get freshly ground coffee, you must buy whole beans and grind them up minutes before brewing.

One thing I like most of grinding my own coffee is that I’ll be able to accurately calibrate the grind depending on my preferred brewing technique and type of coffee.
Moreover, once you’ve learned what works with the brewing systems you can easily replicate it.

So you will need to know these tips that will put you well on the way you grind your beans like a champ!

Don’t buy pre-ground coffee

There are some reasons why not to buy pre-ground coffee:

  • Coffee oils are very delicate so they can be contaminated by whatever odors are around your coffee beans.
  • Once your coffee beans are ground, they will release the flavor in the air. After 10 minutes ground coffee loses about 50% of its aroma.
  • Coffee oils can be easily diluted  when ground coffee is exposed to moisture in the environment
  • Roasted coffee gets stale faster than whole beans.

So that’s why you should buy whole bean coffee and grind it yourself at home right before brewing. Keep your beans stored in an air-tight container, in a cool, dark place for best results. Avoid storing it in the fridge and placing it near the stove.

Grind size

Consistency plays an important role when it comes to grinding coffee beans. The consistency completely depends on what your favorite brewing method is. Certainly, consistency works a great job with specific brewing methods to give you the perfect cup of joe.

Extra coarse: ( like really small pebbles) for toody brewer
Coarse: (like coarse sea salt) for french press, cupping, percolator
Medium coarse: for cafe solo brewer and Chemex brewer
Medium: (More the texture of coarse sand) for drip coffee maker with flat bottom filter
Medium – fine: for Hario V60 pour over, vacuum pot, siphon brewer, drip coffee maker with cone-shaped filter, Moka pot

Fine smoother: (like sugar) for espresso machine, aeropress
Extra fine: (like grit) for turkish coffee or Ibik

Measure the amount of beans you need

To having a great cup of coffee, measuring will make sure you never grind up lower than expected. In my experiment, a coffee ratio to work with should be 16 (water) to 1 (coffee). And a small scale is a good tool to keep your measurements accurate.

Choose a good grinder

There are two common methods of grinding coffee are the burr grinder and the blade grinder. But I highly recommended you buy the burr coffee grinder to get consistent results. It’s sure you will get a good cup of joe.

Electric or hand grinder

That depends on your budget and needs. If you want a cheap, portable, quiet grinder then the hand coffee grinder may be for you. But if you don’t want to spend more time and effort to grind coffee then go with electric grinder. With electric model you might pay more money to get a best coffee grinder.

I hope these tips will help you before brewing your coffee to get your favorite coffees.