The 5 Best Ways to Enjoy a Cup of Coffee

A good cup of coffee can make a bad day good and good day even better! Sitting back and relaxing with a cup of coffee is something anyone can enjoy and most importantly something the majority of us have in common.

With a cup of your favorite blend, coffee lovers will be in heaven, but what’s the best way to enjoy a cup of coffee? The true coffee lover knows that there’s much more to making coffee than pouring ingredients into a cup, making the perfect cup of coffee is more of an art form.

Whatever your blend of choice you’ll want to enjoy your cup of coffee in the best way possible, so we’ve done our research and come up with five fantastic ways for you to enjoy a cup of coffee. So sit back and relax, maybe with a cup of coffee, and enjoy!

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Enjoy Coffee with Chocolate

Well, they say chocolate makes everything better don’t they? Some coffee blends do mix chocolate with them but adding a dash extra won’t do any harm. Different kinds of chocolate will have different effects, milk chocolate will make your coffee sweeter and smoother while dark chocolate will give you a richer taste.

Whether you want to get creative and grate chocolate over a freshly poured cup or simply want to add a dash of cocoa powder to your drink, you can use chocolate in many ways and make a good cup of coffee even better. So if you have a sweet tooth then you just have to try mixing a little chocolate with your coffee.

Try a Coffee Smoothie

That’s probably a combination you didn’t see coming, a coffee smoothie offers an alternative for ice coffee fans and gives you a new and exciting way to enjoy everyone’s favorite drink! Best of all you can make them yourself in no time, simply add some coffee granules or a dash of your favorite blend the next time you make a smoothie and there you have it your very own coffee smoothie.

With a Slice of Cake

If coffee with chocolate is good then it’s surely got to be good with cake as well right? But don’t worry you’re not adding cake to your favorite blend this time, you’re simply having a slice of cake alongside your coffee. All too often coffee is thought to only be the drink we have in the morning to wake ourselves up or at our break for the energy boost.

When it’s a drink you can enjoy at any time of the day and according to research carried out by sensory experts at MMR Research Worldwide British coffee drinkers (yes Brits do love coffee as well not just tea) coffee is found to be more comforting and relaxing when accompanied by a slice of cake.

A Coffee Cocktail

A coffee cocktail may sound a little unusual but it’s a very real drink and one that I am guessing a lot of coffee drinkers don’t know about. Coffee cocktails can be made in a number of ways with the espresso martini being one of the most popular.

Making one is simple and you can use any blend you like, with whipped double cream on top and some biscuits on the side it makes it a stylish dessert as well as a refreshing drink. We know it sounds a little quirky but gives it a try, a coffee cocktail will give you an all new appreciation for coffee.

At Home in your Favourite Mug

Was there any doubt that this would be in the top five? Nothing beats relaxing at home with a mug of coffee, whether you’re enjoying the peace and quiet, the company of friends or a good book everything is better with a cup of coffee. So get your favorite blend out and make sure your mug is clean and get yourself a cup of coffee, you deserve it.

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