3 Types of Coffee Grinders You Must Know

So you’ve read the guide on how to select the how to select your coffee grinders and are ready to understand more about the various types of coffee grinders. Fantastic! As every coffee enthusiast will appreciate, there are basically three types of coffee grinders you can find in coffee stores. They are the hand-grinder, burr grinder, and blade grinder.

Type 1: Hand-grinder

Do not underestimate this old fashioned way for grinding your coffee beans.  This coffee grinder, if bought correctly, not only provides a pleasurable grinding experience but works like burr grinder and is also much cheaper, very quiet and easier to maintain. So for those who are looking for a good quality coffee grinder and yet not willing to burn a hole in your pocket, this hand-grinder is probably your best option. Here’s a summary of the need-to-know facts of handheld coffee grinders:

  • As per the name, a hand grinder uses hand rotation rather than electricity.  There are only a few movable parts to this grinder and is easy to dismantle for washing purposes.
  • To grind the coffee beans, all you need to do is pour in the coffee beans and physically turn the hand grip clockwise and within 2 to 3 minutes, you get your consistency of fine ground coffee.  It’s that simple.
  • On top of that, there is hardly any temperature considerations involved during the grinding process.  Thus the ground coffee is able to retain its normal aroma and flavor.
  • The hand grinder is best used for Espresso and Drip and French Press.

“Do not underestimate this old fashioned way of grinding your coffee beans. Not only does this provide a pleasurable grinding expeirence, it works like a burr grinder but is also much cheaper and easier to maintain.”

Type 2: Electric Burr grinder

If you are a serious coffee drinker, you want perfection in every cup of your coffee. Your best option would be electric burr grinder to achieve consistency in your coffee blend.  With the selection of grind settings from coarse to extra fine and the amount of coffee you need, the burr grinder provides unparalleled precision and efficiency in coffee grinding.

Burr grinders do not come cheap; for coffee enthusiasts purchasing a burr coffee grinder often represents a significant investment.  But considering that most burr grinders in the market are made from the good quality material,  they are designed to last a long time.  Though the electric burr grinder uses a metal burr, it is designed to generate less heat during the blending process to preserve the quality of the coffee beans.

The burr grinder parts are usually removable for easy cleaning. For the other parts of the coffee grinder, cleaning can be done simply by brushing with a small brush utensil.

“With the selection of grind settings from coarse to extra fine and the amount of coffee you need, the burr grinder provides unparalleled precision in coffee grinding”

Type 3: Blade grinder

The most common type of the 3 coffee grinders is the blade grinder. The reason this type is so prevalent is because a blade grinder is more convenient to use as compared to a hand grinder and more affordable than a burr grinder.

One must be careful when using a blade grinder to grind coffee beans. A blade grinder usually has reduced consistency per grind, so a few short bursts are required for an even grind.  At the same time, do not overload the coffee grinder as this makes the grinding process difficult.  The difficulty with the blade grinder is the tendency to over-grind coffee beans by mistake – with the result that coffee tastes more bitter and concentrated. However, this can be easily solved through consistent practice and work with the blade grinder. Coffee grinding is a skill which requires practice before one can hope to achieve excellent consistency in the grind. Here are certain facts you may wish to know about the blade grinder before buying one:

  • The blade grinder uses a high-speed metal blade which produces high heat – this often destroys the aroma of the coffee during the spinning and chopping off the coffee beans
  • The cleaning of a blade grinder is not an easy task;  the blades are attached to the grinder and not removable which makes it difficult to clean thoroughly
  • The blade grinder only creates a fine grind so it is best for Drip Coffee machines, French Press and Toddy Makers

If you’re looking for suggestions on the various coffee grinders that you can get, don’t forget to check out our featured coffee grinders right here!

“The difficulty with the blade grinder is the tendency to over-grind coffee beans by mistake – with the result that the coffee tastes more bitter and concentrated.”